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Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Friendly Sea by Andrew Wareham

Genre: Historical Fiction, Nautical Fiction

Setting: On British Naval Ships during the late eighteenth century.

First Sentence: Waiting, twitching, belly acid, tapping the hilt of his sword, checking his pistols in their holsters for the tenth time, the darkness pressing down on the silent long boat.

This novel is the first in Wareham's Duty and Destiny series which runs to five books.

In England, in the eighteenth century , the oldest son inherited the family's lands and wealth.  The younger sons needed to find their own way in the world.

Very early in life, since he was a younger brother, Fredrick Harris realized that he would need a career.  He chose the Navy because he would earn a salary, there was the opportunity for upward mobility, and he would have a share of any captured prizes.

In this novel, we follow the exploits of Fredrick.  Due to luck, pluck, patronage, promotion, and knowing which palms to grease, Fredrick becomes a successful captain.

Back home, a pretty young lass is waiting.  And Fredrick's older brother is leading an unhealthy life style.

I liked this novel.  Wareham keeps the plot moving with exciting descriptions of naval battles, and judicious use of exposition.  Just like a roller coaster, you know where you're going, the exciting part is how you get there.

For me, it was an exciting, enjoyable read.


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