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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Legend City by: John Bueker

Genre: History

Setting: Arizona

If you lived in the Phoenix area during the sixties and seventies, then you remember Legend City.  Legend City was our theme park.

Entrepreneur Louis Crandall envisioned a theme park similar to Disneyland.  Legend City opened in the early sixties and lasted for twenty years.  Through a succession of owners and bankruptcies Legend City entertained a generation of Arizonans until it closed its doors for the last time in September of 1983.

In this book, John Bueker tells a brief history of the park.  He has also included a unique collection of photographs which document the park, the rides, the attractions, and the people of Legend City.

If you remember Legend City, this book will be a nostalgic reminder of that time long ago when Phoenix had its own theme park.


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