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Monday, October 26, 2015

Desolate by Robert Brumm Jr.

Genre: Science Fiction

Setting: Earth, in the near future.

First Sentence: If one were to fly over the South Shetland Islands, just off the northwest side of the Antarctic, one might notice a small horseshoe shaped island settled in between the larger islands in the chain.

Strap on your seats belt boys and girls, you are in for a wild ride.  Using a nonlinear writing style, the author takes us on an adventure.  We bounce around between different points of view.  We go forward and backward in time.  And in the end, we arrive at a very different place from where we started.

In the beginning, our main character Howard, is beginning his life-with-no-parole sentence at a superman prison in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

After years of hard labor, the prisoners discover an alien spacecraft.  Opening the craft releases a deadly virus and a deadly predator alien.  The virus kills most of the people on earth.  Then the predator decides that humans make a tasty meal.

Through pluck, and a lot of luck Howard avoids death.  He makes friends who usually end up dead.  And there are several action packed battle scenes between Howard, and his friends, and the aliens.

Finally, Howard and his surviving friends find a way to escape from the creatures.  And the story limps home to a somewhat hokey conclusion.

I really liked this novel.  It was great fun to read.  The last half of the story kept me riveted and I could not put the book down.

A real pager turner!

Five stars!


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