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Friday, June 22, 2012

Confederation (In Her Name: Redemption, Book 2) by Michael R. Hicks

Genre: Science Fiction

Setting: In the distant future, on different planets and space vehicles.

First Sentence: "It's going to be light soon."

This novel is the second novel in Michael Hicks's In Her Name series.

In the first book of this series, we met the main character Reza. Reza's parents were killed in a battle with the warlike Kreelans.  Reza was eventually captured by the Kreelans.  The Kreelans used Reza as a guinea pig to discover if they could instruct a human youth in their warrior philosophy.  Reza succeeds in becoming a Kreelan warrior, however his refusal to make war on humans results in his exile from the Kreelan empire.

In this novel, Reza has returned to humanity.  He must overcome the distrust of his fellow humans and he must learn again how to be human.  Humanity has been at war with the Kreelans for hundreds of years.  In all that time, humans have learned almost nothing of the Kreelan language and customs.  Human officials see Reza as way to learn more about the Kreelans.  Reza just wants to be a Marine.

The plot of the novel follows Reza's experiences as a human Marine warrior.  Along the way he forms deep friendships and makes mortal enemies.  He tries to stay true to his deep held Kreelan beliefs of honor.  And he suffers when his human feelings conflict with his Kreelan values.

Can Reza find a way to be the best warrior he can be while honoring both his Kreelan and human beliefs and values?

This novel is a very good second chapter in the In Her Name series.  I enjoyed Hick's writing style.  He moved the story along and made it fun to read.  There are a few sex scenes, but they are few and not overly graphic.  I am looking forward to reading book three of the series.


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