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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Better World by Autumn Kalquist

Genre: Science Fiction

Setting: 300 years in the future, aboard a spacecraft and on an inhospitable planet.

First Sentence: Control. That's all Maeve wanted, but in the fleet, no one had that.

This novel is the prequel to  Kalquist's Legacy Code novel.

For three hundred years a fleet of spacecraft has been searching for a new planet to live on.  Earth is a memory.  The vessels are worn, almost beyond repair.  The people are tired too.  Many are losing hope that a better world will ever be found.

One of these is our main character Maeve.  She feels that the has no control over her life.  This novel tells of her struggles to make her life have meaning.  And to regain her hope for the future.

I like Kalquist's universe.  The reality of travel through the vast distances of space is not as squeaky clean as some novels portray.  Her universe is aboard an old worn out spacecraft with jury rigged equipment.  Life is harsh.  Maybe someday they will find a that better world.  But now they just struggle to survive.

I enjoyed this novel.  It is a gripping story told in an easy to read style.


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