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Monday, October 19, 2015

Deadly Proof by M. Louisa Locke

Genre: Historical Mystery

Setting: In 1880's San Francisco, California

First Sentence: Time to head out Dunk.

This novel is the fourth in Locke's Victorian San Francisco series, which also includes four short stories.

Our main character is Annie.  She is an independent woman living is an era when women were expected to be dependent on men.  In the past she has had unfortunate experiences when she let men control her life.  Her beau, Nate, is a man of that era.  He expects to be in control.  He is learning how to treat Annie as an equal.

There has been a murder at a local print shop.  Nate, who is a lawyer, has been retained to investigate the killing.  An innocent woman has been arrested for the murder.  It's Nate's first big case, and it's up to him, with Annie's help, to solve the case and discover the true culprit.

While the investigation is proceeding, Annie and Nate are planning their wedding.  Annie wants the wedding to be perfect for Nate and his family.  Nate just wants Annie to be happy.

Will Annie and Nate find the evidence that will free and innocent woman?
Will they learn how to share their feelings truthfully, and have a prefect wedding after all?

Louisa Lock is one of my favorite authors.  I enjoy the plots she crafts.  Each of her novels has a murder to solve.  And each novel follows Nate and Annie as they learn to respect and love each other.    

For me, this was a nice, easy, and fun read.


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