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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Nemesis by Lindsey Davis

Genre: Historical Mystery

Setting: Rome, 79 AD

First Sentence: I find it surprising more people are not killed over dinner at home.

This novel is the twentieth in Davis's Falco series.

As our story begins, there is sadness is Falco's home.  Falco's new born child dies a birth.  Then Falco discovers that his father has died.

As his Pa's sole male heir, Falco inherits his father's wealth and business.  At the funeral, Pa's female friend announces that she is with child.  The will seems to indicate that Falco may have to share the estate with the unborn child, if the child is male.

To make matters worse, a supplier and his wife who are owed money by Falco's auction house turn up dead.  Falco, and his friend Petro, begin to investigate the murder.  They soon discover that there are more deaths related to this case.

The clues lead them in a startling direction.  It seems that someone who has been the nemesis of the family for years may be the ultimate culprit.

I liked this book.  Lindsey Davis is one of my favorite authors.  She uses a unique voice to tell us a wonderfully tangled mystery.


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