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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Beginning of the Story by Linell Jeppsen

Genre: Science Fiction

Setting: Aboard a space ship traveling between Earth and a planet named Harmony.

First sentence:  I swam to consciousness slowly...languidly.

This novelette is a prequel to Jensen's  novel entitled Story Time .  In that novel, Jeppsen's plot moves between the past and the present to tell the story of how humans came to be on the planet Harmony.

Chronologically, this novelette comes after the experiences on Earth, and before the arrival at Harmony.

In this novelette, Jeppsen fills in the back story of the plot of  Story Time.  We learn more about the motivations of the aliens who befriended humanity.  And we discover that Harmony is not the perfect haven it seemed to be in the first novel.

I liked this book.  I was a nice return to Jeppsen's Story Time universe.  It seemed to me that the author had fun using her imagination to describe the beautiful, unique planet called Harmony.

I suggest that readers would probably understand this book better if they read Story Time first.


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