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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gabriel's Redemption by: Steve Umstead

Genre: Science Fiction

Setting: The year 2176, on Earth, in space, and on other planets.

First Sentence: Evan dove into the clear blue water, leaving the safety of the catamaran behind, and swam deep, adjusting his goggles as he kicked.

This novel is the first in Umstead's Evan Gabriel series.  The series currently consists of three novels and a prequel novelette.

In this novel Umstead transports the black-ops thriller to the twenty-second century.  It is a somewhat dystopian time of high technology, war, and organized crime.  Our main character, Evan Gabriel, is a disgraced former black-ops team leader.  He was held responsible for a massacre which cost the lives of his entire team and the lives of innocent civilians. In his darkest dreams he can still recall the shadowy figure who set him up.

As the story begins, Gabriel is hanging out in Jamaica, trying to forget the past, and trying to avoid being killed.  Then, someone from his past, Admiral MacFarland,  calls him in for one more mission.  Evan is not big fan of the Admiral, but due to regulations he is forced to go on the mission.

Apparently, on a far-off planet, someone is making an illegal drug harvested from the brains of the local sentient species.  Gabriel and his team are going in to shut down the operation.

What Gabriel discovers on that far-off planet has repercussions at the highest levels of government.  Gabriel must avoid being the fall guy, keep his team alive, and get some sweet payback.

This was a great book.  There was plenty of action and black-ops style intrigue.  Umstead has created an interesting high-tech universe.  I can't wait to get my own neuretic brain implants!

In the mean time, I suggest that you download this book, and enjoy.

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