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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Story Time by Linell Jeppsen

Genre: Science Fiction

Setting: Earth, and another planet.

First Sentence: Two young new helped the old woman onto the stage.

How do a small number of humans survive an onslaught of natural disasters which make Earth uninhabitable?

How do those humans survive an attack of aliens who are gleaning the remnants of Earth's natural resources and who do not consider humans to be one of those resources?

And, how do those humans come to live on a planet that is peaceful and beautiful?

The author patiently reveals the answers to these questions.  She tells her story in a non-linear fashion moving from time to time, and place to place.  Along the way, from different points of view, the author shows us acts of bravery and cowardice, goodness and evil, love and hate.  In the end, like pieces of a puzzle, the bits of plot align themselves into an enjoyable read.

I liked this book  Even though it is mostly a story of survival in a dystopian version of Earth, there was an underlying theme of hope and love.  For me, that made this novel a joy to read.


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