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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Himmler's War by Robert Conroy

Genre: Alternate History

Setting: The European Theater of WWII, In the Summer of 1944.

First Sentence: The B17G bomber was almost universally referred to as the "Flying Fortress," and for good reason.

Alternate history is one of my favorite genres of fiction.  In these novels, the author chooses an interesting point of divergence from our historical timeline.  Then, the author weaves a tale to show us how history might have turned out differently.

In my opinion well written alternate history novels read like historical fiction.  The changes in the timeline are what holds the reader's attention.  Robert Conroy's novels are examples of well written alternate history novels.

In this novel, Conroy explores what might have happened if Hitler had been killed by an act of war during the summer of 1944.  Hitler was known to be an irrational reader.  With Hitler dead, Germany might have been lead by someone more rational.  As the title suggests, that leader might have been Heinrich Himmler.  Obviously, Himmler would have made different choices.

What would have happened with Himmler in command of Germany?

I enjoyed this novel.  Conroy has an easy to read style which make the book fun to read.  His characters and plot lines are believable.

If you're into alternate history or military fiction you're sure to enjoy this novel.


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