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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Silver Locomotive Mystery by Edward Marston

Genre: Historical Fiction

Setting: England, 1855

First sentence: Nigel Buckmaster knew how to make an entrance.

This novel is thesixth in Marston's Railway Detective series.

A silversmith's assistant is given the task of delivering a silver coffeepot shaped like a locomotive to a customer in Cardiff.  The assistant is traveling alone on the South Wales Railway.  The next day, he is found horribly murdered at the Railway Hotel.  And, the silver locomotive is missing.

Once again Inspector Robert Colbeck, the Railway Detective, is on the case.  Assisting him, as always, is the intrepid Sergeant Victor Leeming.

As Colbeck and Leeming investigate, they uncover a wonderfully entangled web of clues.  In Cardiff, they find several individuals whose lust for silver could lead to robbery and murder.  Among the suspects are members of an acting troupe, a professional mistress, and some of Cardiff's well-to-do upper crust.  Even the silversmith's son is under suspicion.

 With Colbeck and Leeming's hard work and persistence, the culprits are sure to be apprehended.  But, just when they seem to have solved the case, the discovery of one important clue forces our investigators to re-examine their conclusions.

Can the Railway Detective one again find the solution to the mystery?

Edward Marston is one of my favorite authors.  His prose is enjoyably readable.  The pages fly by and, too soon, you've reached the end of another great book.

I highly recommend all of Edward Marston's novels!

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