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Monday, April 2, 2012

One Virgin Too Many by Lindsey Davis

Genre: Historical Mystery

Setting: Ancient Rome

This novel is the eleventh in Davis's Marcus Didius Falco series.

Falco leads a complicated life.

His first chore upon returning to Rome from Africa is to tell his sister that her husband has been killed by lions.

Then, a six year old girl shows up on his doorstep asking for Falco's help.  She believes that someone in her family is trying to kill her.  It just so happens that she is the favorite to fill a vacancy with the Vestal Virgins.

After that, Falco's brother-in-law discovers a corpse.  When he and Falco return to investigate, the corpse has vanished.

To Falco's dismay, his Ma is chummy with the emperor's chief spy, who was Falco's partner for a time.

Additionally, Falco has been named the Procurer of the Sacred Poultry.  It's a steady job, taking care of the sacred geese and chickens.

And then, Falco's wife surprises him with the house she has bought.  It's too far out of town, and a basically a money-pit.

When the girl goes missing, Falco gets back to what he does best: unraveling mysteries.  Will Falco find the girl?  Or has someone in her family committed murder?

Its a great read.  I really enjoyed it!

One Virgin Too Many

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