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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sinful Folk by Ned Hayes

Genre: Historical Mystery

Setting; England, 1377

I just read an excerpt of this novel.  Based on the first two chapters, this will be a fantastic novel.  The complete novel should be published later this year. 

Hayes has based the novel on a curious event in history.  In 1377 the village of Duns suffered a terrible disaster.  There was a fire that killed five young boys.  In their grief, the town's people look for someone to blame.  They become convinced that the Jews were responsible for the deaths.  The men of the town decide to take the bodies of the boys to the king and ask for justice. 

The parent of one of the dead boys, Mear, is a mute.  The story is told through Mear's eyes.  Mear soon finds a clue that the deaths may not have been an accident.  Mear decides to go on the journey.  Will Mear unravel the mystery and discover the truth of the boys deaths?  Will Mear be able to communicate to the others about what is found? And will Mear reveal to us the secrets that she hides from the other town's folk?

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