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Monday, January 9, 2017

Music of the Distant Stars by Alys Clare

Genre: Historical Mystery

Setting: Eleventh Century England, After the Norman Conquest

First Sentence: Dawn.

This novel is the third in Alys Clare's Norman Aelf Fen series which currently runs to seven books.

Our main character is Lissaire.  She lives with her Aunt Edild.  Edild is teaching Lissaire to be a healer.  She is also learning another skill.  She is learning how to use what we would call ESP.

One summer, Lissaire's beloved Grannie dies.  She has lived a good life and it's time for her to pass away.

Then one day, Lissaire makes a terrible discovery.  When she visits her Grannie's grave, she discovers that the body of unknown girl has been placed in the grave.

Who is she?  Why was she placed in the grave?

Blame is soon attached to a young man named Derman.  He is a simpleton, with the body of an adult and the mind of a child.  To make matters worse, Derman has run away.

As the plot develops, we discover that there are several people with a motive to kill the girl.  This is strange because she is universally loved by those who knew her.

And then another body is found.  It is Derman.  Is his death somehow connected to the young girl's death?

In the last few pages of the novel, the plot becomes delightfully tangled.  And at the final reveal, I was completely surprised.

This was a great read.  The author has crafted a great historical mystery.   It's a stand alone novel, so it can be read out of series order.


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