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Monday, January 16, 2017

The Ways Between the Worlds by: Alys Clare

Genre: Historical Mystery

Setting: Eleventh Century England, After the Norman Conquest

First Sentence: Come to me! I need you!

This novel is the fourth in Alys Clare's Norman Aelf Fen series which currently runs to seven books.

It has not been very long since the Normans have conquered England.  Along with a new set of rulers and laws the Normans have brought  a fervent belief in Christianity.  Although many have accepted Norman rule, there are those who cling to the old ways of magic and power.

Our main character, Lassaire, is learning to be a healer.  She is also learning how to use and control the magic of the old ways.

One day, in a nightmare, Lassaire receives a dire message.  It is from her Norman warrior friend Rollo.  He is in grave danger.  She can't help him because she can't tell where he is.  When his cries stop, She believes he is alive and safe.

At the abby where Lassaire's sister is a nun, there are two horrible murders.  It seems that the two victims have been sacrificed in the old Celtic manor.

Rollo has been tasked by the king to investigate a rumor.  It seems that the king's ship army might have been destroyed by a practitioner of the old ways.

Once again, Lassaire hears Rollo's cries for help.

Can it be that the deaths, Rollo's cries and the old beliefs are somehow connected?

I have read the first four books in the series.  I have enjoyed them all.  I like the way the author is developing Lassaire's character and her relationship with Rollo.

I suggest that you read the books in order.

For me this was a great read.


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