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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mist Over the Water by Alys Clare

Genre: Historical Mystery

Setting: 11th Century England, a few years after the Norman Conquest.

First Sentence: It was raining.

This novel is the second in the author's Aelf Fen Norman series which currently runs to seven books.

Mysteries often spring from secrets.  Actions often seem mysterious until the secret is revealed.

So it is with our main character, Lessair. She finds characters whose behavior is mysterious.  And in the end discovers a hidden secret.

Lessair is an apprentice healer.  And she can sense the supernatural.

An urgent request for help.  A cousin has injured his foot.  But why had Lessair been summoned when the cousin could have asked for help from the nearby Ely Abby?

Soon, Lessair becomes entangled with a family secret involving her friend Sibert and the death of his father.

Then,  while investigating this secret, she learns of a deeper and more dangerous secret.  This one could bring war and death to the land.

This was an interesting book.  The liked the way the author switched back and forth from first person third person points of view.


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