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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Destroyermen: Blood on the Water By Taylor Anderson

Genre: Alternate History

Setting: During the World War II time frame, on a different version of Earth.

Blood on the Water is the eleventh novel in Anderson's Destroyermen series.

In this novel the author picks up the story where he left off in the previous novels.  Captain Reddy, his destroyermen, and their allies are spread across the globe.  In the East they are battling the minions of the Holy Dominion.  In the West, they fight the lizard-like Grik and the insane Japanese leader Kurokawa.

In this episode of the series, we learn more about the other human factions that inhabit this version of Earth.  Some are enemies of the Dominion.  Some are enemies of the Grik.  And some have nefarious objectives which make them the political enemies of all the sides of the war.

Anderson uses a large cast of characters to tell his story.  Keeping track of so many characters must be a challenge for the author.  To help the reader, Anderson has included a ten page longest of characters.  When the author introduces a new character, or reintroduces a character from past novels, he does an adequate job of providing the exposition needed to identify the character.  With so many characters, so much exposition could become tedious.  But the author deals with the exposition quickly and gets us back to the action.

I have really enjoyed the Destroyermen series.  The plot moves along briskly and there is lots of action.

I strongly advise readers to start at the beginning and read the novels in sequence.  It looks like it's going to be a long ride.


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