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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dark Matter, Book One of the Hadron Series by Stephen Arseneault

Genre: Science Fiction

Setting: The eastern U.S. in the near future.

First Sentence: The engines lost thrust as the fuel ran dry.

Dark Matter is the first novel in the author's Hadron series which currently runs to eight books.

Dark Matter is a pretty typical beginning to a post apocalyptic series.

We have some unknown power which is disrupting the world wide power grid.

The author drops a few hints about the source of that power.

Humanity quickly devolves into chaos.  There are roaming bands looking for food and looting.

In rural New Jersey a small group of exceedingly wealthy and well prepared survivalists link up in a small local bar.

Together, they decide that a cave in West Virginia would be the perfect place to hunker down, and wait for whatever happens next.

Along the way, they pick up some friends, and battle some evils doers.

Eventually they find themselves cornered in their cave.  Will the cavalry come to the rescue before it is too late?

This book was a pleasant read.  There are plenty of un answered questions. Although it is listed as a science fiction book, there is little scifi in this book.  The author promises to ramp up the scifi in future installments.

If your looking for an enjoyable series to read, check out this one.


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