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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Unnatural History Pax Britannia Book One by Jonathan Green

Genre: Steam Punk

Setting: Victorian England, 1997 AD

First Sentence: The jangling of the doorbell rang through the echoing space of the entrance hall.

This novel is the first in the author's Pax Britannia series which contains several novels and short stories.

In this novel the author has created a unique version of the steam punk genre.  The time is 1997 AD. The place is London, England.  Queen Victoria has been on the throne for 160 years.  The British Empire controls most of Earth as well as colonies on the Moon and on Mars.

Our main character, Ulysses Quicksilver, has returned to London after having been presumed lost and dead for over a year.  Almost immediately he is tasked by the British government to solve a murder.

 The night watchman of the Natural History Museum has been killed.  The offices of a prominent scientist have been ransacked.  And the scientist's difference engine, which contains vital research has gone missing.

Ulysses soon discovers a plot which puts the Queen and the Empire itself at risk.  Will Quicksilver find a way to defeat the criminals and save the Empire?

I enjoyed this novel.  The author's unique vision of a twentieth century steam punk England piqued my interest and made this novel great fun to read.


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