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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins by Randolf Lalonde

Genre: Science Fiction

Setting: In space, in the future.

First Sentence: The odd's weren't in our favor.

This novel is a prequel to the author's Spaniard Fringe series which currently runs to ten novels.

Out in interstellar space there are many inhabited planets.  Ruthless corporations plunder these planets for their resources, technology, and cheap labor.

Scattered through the galaxy are also space ports which act as safe harbors for independent spacefaring vessels.  One of these ports is the space station Freeground.  For recreation on Freeground there are teams of people who compete by playing spaceship simulation games.  One team, lead by our main character Jonas Valent, has become so good that they routinely defeat military simulation teams.

They are so good infact that the military has approached them to become an actual spaceship crew. The military leaders have decided that they would be the perfect crew to pilot secretive missions.

After they have proved themselves, they are given a given a ship and sent out to conduct shadow ship missions.  They are tasked with obtaining advance tech devices any way they can.

In between visits to space ports, they battle the corporations' fleets.

Will Jonas and his crew evade the corporate fleets, and return to Freeground to complete their mission?

This novel is a  prequel to the series, but it was not first in order of publication,  When I began reading this novel, I was somewhat confused.  There was a lot of exposition that I didn't understand.  But I  kept reading, and the novel became more enjoyable.

The plot has lots of space battles in between visits to space ports, so if you like high tech and space battles, you'll probably like this book.

 I suggest that you read them in order of publication.


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