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Friday, December 11, 2015

The Park Service by Ryan Winfield

Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopian Fiction

Setting: about one thousand years in the future.

First Sentence: Dead leaves scatter, caught and swirling in the smoky exhaust.

This novel is the first in Winfield's Park Service Trilogy.

I love novels that start down one path into a predictable plot, then take an unexpected turn into a completely different story.

In this novel, our main character Aubrey, lives deep below the surface of the Earth.  All his life Aubrey has been taught that due to a nuclear war a thousand years ago, the surface of Earth is a blasted wasteland where nothing can survive.  What remains of humanity survives on artificial food and recycled possessions. When a person reaches the age of thirty-five they are "retired" to live the rest of their days in beautiful place called Eden.

At the age of fifteen, each adolescent takes a test to determine his or her future.  If they do poorly, they are sent to the lower levels where work is hard and life is less pleasant.  Those who do well, can remain on their current level.  A few who do exceptionally well can move to a higher level where life is easier and more comfortable.

When he takes his test, Aubrey does something no one else has ever done.  He aces the test.  This means he can advance to level 1.  The highest and most prestigious level.

On the trip to level one, something happens.  And Aubrey discovers that his life, until now, has been a lie.

What will Aubrey do when he is confronted with the truth about life on Earth?

This novel us a great beginning to a trilogy.  The story is not over.  The author leaves us wondering what will happen next.  I am eager to find out.  And book two of this trilogy is now on my must read list.

Bravo to the author for creating an interesting and exciting novel.


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