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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Trial by Ice by Casey Caloutte

Genre: Science Fiction, Military Science Fiction

Setting: In the future, on a distant planet, and on a spaceship.

First Sentence: William Grace woke up to a world of agony and ice.

This novel is the first in Caloutte's A Star too Far trilogy.

The mission was to blink in and drop off a contingent of diplomats and military personnel.  Their job was to encourage the local planetary government to sign on to the United Colonies compact.

Instead, the space ship crashed.  Midshipman William Grace awakes to discover that he is the ranking officer.  The first job is to determine who survived the crash.  Grace discovers that he is the leader of a ragtag group of military and civilian personnel.

The crash has deposited them in an extreme arctic type environment. Grace must organize his men (there is one very minor female character) to move to a more hospitable climate.

Finally, William and his team must attempt to fulfill the mission.  This involves battling mercenary ground troops, taking control of an orbiting spaceship, and having a running battle with another space ship.

Along the way William learns how to be a leader.

I really liked this book.  I think it is a fine example of no nonsense military science fiction. I found the description of the fight for survival in the extreme cold to very compelling.  I also liked the descriptions of future tech.

For me, this was a great read.  I already have the next book of the series loaded into my Kindle.


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