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Monday, March 23, 2015

The Edge of Solace by Casey Calouette

Genre: Science Fiction, Military Science Fiction

Setting: In space on spaceships, on planets colonized by humans.

First Sentence: Major Archibald Theodore strutted down the narrow hallway.

This book is the second in Calouette's A Star Too Far series.  The series extends to three books.

Earth and its colony planets have formed the United Colonies to foster peace and unity between the planets.  Unfortunately, not all of the colonies live in peace.  There is prejudice between the earth born and colony born citizens.

One group of colonies, the Sa'Ami, want to be independent of the rest of the United Colonies.  To this end the Sa'Ami have used alien technology to create an interstellar barrior between the U.C. and Sa'Ami space.

The population of Earth far outnumbers the population of the Sa'Ami.  In a war of attrition, the Sa'Ami cannot hope to win.  Their strategy is to strike hard, without warning, and deploy their barrior technology.

The novel follows the exploits and battles of a group of U. C. Army, Navy and Marine Corps warriors.  Battles in Calouette's novel occur on planets, within and between spaceships.  There is no shortage of high tech weapons and shielding.  Computers are fully integrated into all aspects of military action.  And the use of nanites is ubiquitous.  They are used to repair battle wounds, to construct space suits, as recreational drugs, and some are even weaponized.

Over all, for me, this was an interesting and fun read.  If you like your Sci-Fi with lots of battles and tech, you'll enjoy this novel.  I did.  And now off to read book three.


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