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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Legacy Code by: Autumn Kalquist

Genre: Romantic Science Fiction

Setting: On a spaceship that is part of a colonization fleet that is orbiting a toxic planet.

First Sentence: Era huddled against the wall and pressed her hands to her ears, blocking out the piercing sirens.

This novel is part of a group of Kalquist's novels and short stories called the Fractured Era series.

The fleet has been traveling through space hundreds of years.  They have been looking for an earth-like planet to settle on.  Now, they are orbiting a toxic planet.  It may be that the fleet has reached a dead end.

Our main character, Era, and her husband Dritan live on one of the ships in the fleet.  It is a nervous time for them.  They are expecting their first child.

It is a requirement that each pregnancy must be evaluated.  Many fetuses carry the genetic marker for a genetic mutation called the Defect.  Children born with the Defect do not live very long because their organs do not develop correctly.  Fetuses that carry the marker are routinely aborted.

There are those in the fleet that believe that the Defect is not real.  People who espouse this belief are quickly and permanently silenced.

What will happen to Era and Dritan?  Will their child have the Defect?  Is the Defect real?

I found that this novel was a very enjoyable read.  I liked the way the author has seamlessly blended high tech into the narrative.  She shows her characters using technology without long-winded explanations.

I also liked the fact that the main character is a believable, human female.  She has been portrayed as a a young woman with normal emotional issues concerning love, friendship, and her unborn child.  And she is also an expert with computer hardware and software.

For me, this novel was a break from my usual reading fare.  I don't usually read novels in which love, relationships, and pregnancy are key parts of the plot.

I enjoyed this novel.  For me it was a fun read.


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