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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Black Sea Gods, The Chronicle of Fu Xi Book One by Brian L Braden

Genre: Fantasy

Setting: A land similar to prehistoric Central Asia.

First Sentence: Over a thousand lifetimes had passed since her forehead touched the earth.

This novel is the first in Braden's Chronicle of Fu Xi fantasy series.

Black Sea Gods is a fantasy re-imagining of the biblical story of the great flood told from a unique point of view.

Our story begins with a small tribe of people: the Lo.  They live by fishing and gathering along the coast of the Great Sea.  They live in harmony with their environment.  The Lo build their homes on stilts.  They rarely venture far from the water, and fear the dangers of the steppe. 

Then one day they notice a change in the ways of nature.  The Lo discover that all of the animals, fish, birds and insects are migrating east.  They fear that they have somehow angered their god.  The Lo had a lore that there were god-like beings in the East who could help them determine the cause of this change.

A group of Lo leaders venture into the steppe and travel east.  Along the way they encounter evil beings both human and supernatural.  Eventually, they reach a city of evil men.  Within the city is the black fortress of the Narim.  These are the beings who have the power to save the Lo.

Throughout the novel, the author uses excerpts from the chronicles of  Fu Xi to provide exposition.  Through these excerpts, we discover that God is destroying the world due to the evil actions of both men and demigods.

Will the innocent Lo be destroyed along with the evil ones?  Or will the Lo survive the deluge?

Over all I enjoyed this novel.  I especially liked the beginning chapters about the peaceable Lo.  Some of the longer excerpts of the chronicle in the middle of the book seemed a little out of place and confused me at first.  The story is definitely not over, so I'll be looking for the next installment of the series.

Black Sea Gods

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