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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Edward of Planet Earth by Nicholas Eftimiades

Genre: Science Fiction

Setting: The 23rd century, on Earth and the Moon

First Sentence:  Awaken, evolve, procreate, thrive and then die out: such is the evolutionary cycle of the majority of intelligent species.

Eftimiades's novel is a humorous description of life 200 years into the future.  The tone of this novel reminded me a little of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

Life in the 23rd century is very different than life today.  Computers are everywhere.  They control everything.  They are linked with countless sensors through a Global Information Grid.  All computers are intelligent thinking machines.  They have individual names and unique personalities.  As synthetic life forms they have been granted equal rights with humans.

Edward Teller is a man.  He is an ordinary average human.  He is not married.  His CLS-4 Home Management System (Clarissa) performs the role of nagging wife for him.  He is employed as a Synthetic Life Surgeon.  Basically, a psychiatrist for computers.

It is when visiting one of the most powerful computers in the world that Edward's life takes a drastic change.  Several of the these powerful computers have selected Edward for a special task.

They want him to contact God.

These computers believe that they have found a way to contact God.  They need Edward to gather together the software components needed for the task.  As Edward travels the world, the author describes the incredible social, legal, political, bureaucratic, scientific and political events which have shaped the 23rd century.  These descriptions are creative,  inventive, and a little bizarre.  Some border on the absurd.

Although the novel starts out slowly, it kept my interest.  I wanted to find out if the computers would be successful in their quest.

If you want to read something completely different, check out this novel.

Edward of Planet Earth

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