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Friday, December 28, 2012

Wheel of Fate by Kate Sedley

Genre: Historical Mystery

Setting: England, 1483

First Sentence: I have heard it said that when you are first apprised of some great, earth-shaking event, ever afterwards you can remember exactly where you were and what you we doing at the time.

This novel is the nineteenth in Sedley's Roger the Chapman mystery series.

Roger was once a novice in a Benedictine monastery.  He left the strict monastery life, preferring the free life of a peddler, or chapman.  Although he is now married and has children.  He still earns his living as a chapman.

In this installment of the series, Roger returns to an empty house.  His wife and children have gone to London to visit her relatives, the Godslove family.  When Roger arrives, he is plunged into a mystery.  It seems that the Godslove family believe that someone is trying to murder them.  Indeed, several members of the family have recently died under mysterious circumstances.  As Roger investigates, he finds that the Godsloves are harboring an awful secret.  Could it be that the deaths and the secret are somehow connected?

Interwoven with Roger's investigation, is the political upheaval in London.  King Edward IV has died.  His son is not old enough to rule on his own.  Several factions are trying to gain power and influence over the new king.

Can Roger solve the Godslove's family mystery while avoiding any political entanglements?

This novel was a difficult read for me.  I read it out of order so the exposition at the beginning of the novel was a little confusing.  The plot was very tangled with many different characters to keep track of.  In my opinion, this was an OK book, but it probably would have been better if it was read in order.

Wheel of Fate

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