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Monday, December 10, 2012

Secret of the Scroll by Chester D. Campbell

Genre: Thriller

Setting: Tennessee and Israel

First Sentence: Khaled Assah literally stumbled onto the hidden cave.

Greg McKenzie is his own worst enemy.  Greg is a 65 year old retired intelligence agent and D.A. inspector.  He has derailed his career several times by blowing his lid and spouting off.  Greg has a chip on his shoulder because he feels that his former supervisors and co-workers  have singled him out for retribution.  He's probably right.

When Greg and his wife Jill take a trip to the Holy Land with a church group, Greg is supposed to work on his anger management skills.  So when they are returning home at the end of the trip, Greg feels the he and Jill are singled out for unfair treatment by customs and airport security.

Then Jill is kidnapped.  The kidnappers, a group of Palestinians, want a scroll that is in Greg's possession.  It seems that a souvenir scroll that Greg bought is actually a real ancient relic.  Then another group, this time radical Israelis, contact him about the scroll.

Because of his past actions, Greg cannot count on much help from local law enforcement, or the FBI.  Fortunately, he does have a few friends that help him out.  Greg's investigation leads to a tangled trail of international intrigue.

What does the scroll say?
Why do two different political groups want the scroll?
And, can Greg find a way to stay alive and rescue Jill?

In this novel, Chester Campbell has created a unique character.  Greg McKenzie is a 65 year old retired investigator.  His experience helps him to identify which leads to follow.  Yet, he is a flawed hero.  Sometimes, his anger and and his mouth get the better of him.  His flaws make him seem real.  And following  him made for a very entertaining read.

Secret of the Scroll

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