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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Prophecy of Death by Michael Jecks

Genre: Historical Mystery

In this installment of the Knights Templar Mystery series Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and his friend Bailiff Simon Puttock find themselves entangled in the intrigues of the royal court.
They have just returned to England from France with urgent messages for the king.  Unfortunately, they have raised the ire of the king's especial friend, Sir Hugh Despenser.  Despenser sends his henchmen to attack Simon and upset Sir Baldwin.
To thicken the plot, Baldwin and Simon must find out who has stolen the Oil of St. Thomas.  This holy relic is believed to have special significance for the king of England.  The king is frantic to have his oil returned.  Despenser wants Baldwin and Simon to discover its whereabouts.  And, Baldwin and Simon must solve the mystery in order to keep Despenser from further harassing them.

I enjoyed this novel.  The plot is thickly woven with subplots, red herrings and dead ends.  It is a solid chapter in a series which extends to over thirty novels.

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