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Monday, November 3, 2014

The Lost Spaceship by Vaughn Heppner

Genre: Science Fiction

Setting: In interstellar space.

First Sentence: Wearing perfectly pressed trousers and shiny boots, Captain Maddox of Star Watch Intelligence flexed his bare chest.

It is sometime in the future.  Mankind has spread to countless planets.  From somewhere in uncharted space comes a race of superior super-humans: the New Men.  They have infiltrated humanity.  They have advanced military firepower. Soon the New Men will attack and destroy human civilization.

Humanity's only chance is to find and use weapons which can out gun the invaders.  There is a legend that somewhere, deep in space, is an abandoned battle ship which possesses the advanced weapons humanity needs.  Our main character, Captain Maddox has been given the task to find the legendary space vessel. 

Maddox gathers a rag-tag team of specialists to search for the lost ship.  In the tradition of the A Team and the Dirty Dozen,  Maddox sets out to find a group of flawed specialists who will follow him into danger.  In his team we find a leader with a dangerous secret, a navigator accused of cowardice, an alcoholic pilot, a grizzled veteran sergeant, a convicted criminal computer genius, and a cave woman assassin.

The plot blasts off with lots of action.  Once the team is assembled, and they are trying to elude the New Men, the plot slows down.  In the end it just fizzles out.

I think the author intended this novel to be the first of a series.  But, in my opinion, he didn't give us a reason to care about the rest of the story.


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