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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Historical Mysteries set in Ancient Egypt

If you are a fan of historical mysteries, but are growing tired of knights, castles and sword fights, you might try reading these novels set in ancient Egypt. Sand, temples and tombs litter the landscape. But evil is evil. And murder is murder. In each novel, our intrepid investigator must follow the clues, and decipher the crime.

Lauren Haney

In Haney's novels, our investigator is Lieutenant Bak. Bak is the commander of the Medjay police in the city of Buhen in 1464 BC. Buhen is near the southern border of the Egyptian empire. It is the during the reign of the female Egyptian pharaoh Hatshepsut. Bak must solve crimes, and stay in the pharaoh's good graces.

Lynda Robinson

Robinson's investigator is Lord Meren. Meren serves as chief investigator for the boy king Tutankhamen. Meren, as member of the palace court, must navigate the intrigues of the pharaoh's court while seeking to solve crimes that have reached the royal ears. All this, while protecting the young king from danger.

Paul Doherty

Doherty's investigator is the chief judge of the temple of Ma'at in Thebes, Amerotke. Amerotke must investigate crimes while uncovering conspiracies against the reign of Queen Hatusu. Doherty brings Egypt to life with his descriptions those ancient times.

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