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Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Chronothon by Nathan Van Coops

Genre: Science Fiction

Setting: A time when time travel is possible.

First Sentence: I feel very alive considering I haven's been born yet.

This novel is the second in the author's time travel trilogy.  The first book is titled "In Times Like These."  Although this is the second book of the series, the author intended it as a stand alone novel.  To help the reader, Van Coops provided one explanatory information, and a glossary of terms.

Time travel is real.

Our main character, Ben, has just been introduced to the culture of time travel.  Time travelers have developed a community of scientists and adventurers who travel and communicate between time lines.

Occasionally the time travelers stage a Chronothon.  This is an exciting race/ scavenger hunt through different places in time.

But this year is different.  Racers are dying.  Some have been murdered.  Some have been killed when the race route passes through a very dangerous time line.

Who is killing the racers?  Who has planned this dangerous game?  And, why?

Time travel has its problems: Avoiding paradoxes (multiple copies of people existing side by side in the same timeline), and creating new timelines (a change in history creating parallel time lines).

The author does a good job of describing his version of time travel and time lines.  But it sometimes gets a little confusing.

Over, all.  For me.  It was an okay book.


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