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Monday, May 16, 2016

Colossus by D. F. Jones

Genre: Sci Fi

Setting: In a unique version of the not too distant future.

First Sentence: Forbin leaned back in the plastic smelling opulence of the armor-plated car of the Presidential fleet, gazing at the dart board neck of the Marine driver.

This novel is the third in D. F. Jones's Colossus series which currently runs to three books.

Originally published in 1955, this novel is placed in a peculiar version of of a future with computers, teletype machines, disposable clothing, perforated tape, and oil burning lamps.

For years the government has been working in secret on a supercomputer intelligent enough to prevent war.  Now it is time to turn the computer on and present it to the world.

But things do not turn out as planned.  There is another super computer.  The two computers join forces.  And soon they are calling the shots.

Will humans find a way to gain control or will humanity come to revere the computers as gods?

This was a fun novel to read with some anachronistic technology and a quirky 60's vibe.

Check it out.


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