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Friday, July 10, 2015

The Synchronicity War: Part 1. by Dietmar Arthur Wehr

Genre: Science Fiction, Military Science Fiction

Setting: On Earth, and in interstellar space.  Sometime in the future.

First Sentence: Cmdr. Victor Shiloh noticed that the usual Bridge chatter had died down to almost nothing as the Squadron emerged from Jumpspace.

This novel is the first book in Wehr's Synchronicity War series.  This series has four parts.

Earth's first contact with aliens became an unexpected battle.  Humanity is in the early stages of interstellar travel.  So far, the focus has been exploration.

Apparently, the aliens they have encountered are warlike and aggressive. Fortunately, they are not much more technologically advanced than humans.

Clearly, Earth needs to get up to speed and level the playing field before the aliens discover where Earth is. Until now the Space Force has been concerned with smugglers and pirates.  Now they have to transform into an elite battle ready fighting force.

Commander Victor Shiloh has quickly become the only commander with successful battle experience.  Although he is a good battle tactician, he has an edge up on the other commanders.  At crucial points Shiloh has a vision.  These visions give him information about future events.  So far the visions have been very accurate.  When Shiloh follows his visions, the results have been positive and successful.

What is the source of Shiloh's prescient visions?

For me, this was an enjoyable read.  If you are into military scifi, you will like this book.  There is lots of procedural details about armaments, weapons, and spaceship design.  There is plenty of tactical and strategic planning for building a fleet and gathering intel about these unknown aliens.

And of course there is a generous sprinkling of military nomenclature and acronyms.

It's an enjoyable read.  Check it out!


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