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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Review of the Amazon fireTV

Before I start the review.  This is my 200th blog post!  Take a look at the archives for my reviews of lots of books as well as a few other things.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you should check out the Amazon fireTV streaming device.

Set up is a snap.  When the fireTV arrives, it comes preregistered to your Amazon Prime account.  Plug in the power cord, and connect your HDMI cable and you are ready to go.  The device leads you through the set up with your home network.  Then there is a nice animated tutorial.

Soon you will be searching for content.  The voice search is a nice feature.  Just say the name of an actor, or the title of a movie, and the fireTV will deliver your desired content.

All of the Amazon Prime Instant video can be viewed free, without commercials.  Also, there is plenty of quality video which can be purchased.

Through the fireTV, you can also set up a Netflix and Hulu account.  I have enjoyed all of the great TV programming I've watched through my Hulu account.

The biggest drawback for me is the music feature.  The fireTV will connect you to streaming music through Pandora and iHeartRadio.  The  fireTV will connect you to your Amazon Music library but, as of this writing, it will only play music which you own.  It will not play any of your favorite Amazon Music streaming playlists.

So, if you are into music more than videos, I'd stick with an Amazon Fire tablet.

Since the fireTV did not ship with a printed manual I downloaded a copy onto my laptop.  I found it to be very handy in answering a few FAQ type questions.

I've had the fireTV for a few weeks.  It's been fun to use and I am glad I bought it.


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