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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Regarding Ducks and Universes by Neve Maslakovic

Genre: Science Fiction

Setting: In an alternate version of San Francisco and the bay area.

First Sentence: The DIM official had just asked, "Reason for crossing to San Francisco B, citizen - business, family visit, or pleasure?"

Thirty-five years ago something happened which caused the universe to split into two parallel universes.  The scientist involved in the split learned how to remain in contact with the alternate universe.  Eventually travel between the two universes become possible. 

Everyone alive on the day of the split had an alternate version of themselves in the other universe.

As the years went by, each universe became very different places.  And the people in one universe often lead vastly different lives than their alternates.

The governments created a strict set of rules which governed travel and the flow of information between the two universes.

Felix Sayers of universe A has recently learned that he was born before the universes split.  He has decided to travel to universe B to learn what he can about his alternate, Felix B.

When Felix A arrives in universe B he discovers a group of researchers who are studying the events leading up to the split.  To his dismay, he learns that the researchers believe that something Felix did when he was six months old started the causality chain which triggered the creation of the alternate universe.

As Felix A and his friends investigate, the author shows us an alternate version of San Francisco and the bay area.  Along the way we learn how small events can lead to huge effects.

Along with the science fiction story, the author treats us to an homage to Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers, two well known mystery writers.

Will Felix A and his friends discover the prime event which caused the universes to split?

This is a quirky sci fi novel.  Not so much action, but lots of philosophical discussion about causes, effects, and causality chains.

In my opinion, a good first novel.  I liked it.


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