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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Peace Warrior by Steven L. Hawk

Genre: Science Fiction

Setting: Earth, some time in the future.

First Sentence: Death was not lonely.

This novel is the first in Steven Hawk's Peace Warrior trilogy.

For years, Earth had been wracked by wars.  Then there came a time when humanity gave up war and violence.  People lived in peace and harmony.  Anyone who acted or spoke in a violent manner was sent to prison for life.

When the cruel and war-like aliens known as the Minith arrived Earth had no defense and was quickly subjugated.

Earth needed a warrior who could lead humanity's revolt against the Minith. 

600 years before the arrival of the Minith, Earth was at war.  Sergeant Justice was one of the best soldiers on the planet.  As luck would have it, Sgt. Justice died in a manner that enabled future scientists to resurrect and reanimate him.

In Sgt. Justice, Earth now had a warrior to lead the revolt.  Now they need an army.  What better place to find violent fighters than the prison for violent offenders?

Now it's up to Justice and his rag-tag army to rebel against the Minith and regain Earth's independence.

This novel is a good human vs. alien sci-fi story.  The aliens are cruel.  The humans are the victims of their violence.  And humanity learns that sometimes you need to use violence to protect your independence.

I enjoyed this easy, fun read.


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