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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Supervolcano: All Fall Down by Harry Turtledove

Genre: Fiction

Setting: The near future, after the Yellowstone supervolcano has erupted.

FYI: Some adult content.

First Sentence: Colin Ferguson called upstairs to hi wife: "You ready?"

This novel is the second in Turtledove's supervolcano series.

The title of this novel, and the graphic on the dust cover, led me to believe that there would be plenty of action due to increased volcano activity.  Perhaps some of the main characters lives would be put in peril.  After reading the novel, I was disappointed to find that the volcano is actually a very minor player in the plot.  The one character who is a geologist, and an expert on the Yellowstone supervolcano, visits the volcano once.  She spends more time in this novel getting pregnant and having a baby than studying the volcano.

The novel is the tale of the Ferguson family and how they adapt and survive the effects of the eruption.  Most of the family is based in Southern California with others in the Great Plains and in Northern Maine.  Life is tough but they all seem to survive, get jobs, find love, and have babies while the snow falls, food gets scarce, and the price of gas goes up.

None of the family members seem to "fall down".

Turtledove uses an easy to read style.  He includes pop culture references and word play to keep the novel fun to read.  However some of his puns are real groaners.

To be sure, this novel is not one of Turtledove's best.  If you are a big fan of his you might enjoy it.

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