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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Time Baroness by Georgina Young-Ellis

Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction

Setting: England in the year 2120, and in 1820.

FYI: Some adult content.

First Sentence: July 25, 2119 - The lace tablecloth was almost real beneath my fingers.

This novel is the first in Young - Ellis's Time Mistress series.

Our main character, Cassandra Reilly is a time traveler.  In this novel, she travels 300 years back into the past to England in 1820.  Since she is a big fan of Jane Austen's novels. She chose to arrive at this time because it is a few years after Jane Austen's death.  Cassandra's plan is to immerse herself in the England of that time, and gather scientific data about English life and society.

As Mrs. Cassandra Franklin, she moves into a large country estate.  There after she meets the staff and the neighbors, and she begins to join the local society.  But after a few months, Cassandra's life settles into a dreary and somewhat lonely routine.  Until she meets Mr. Benedict Johnston.  Mr. Johnston is a dashing young bachelor who has purchased a nearby estate.  In order to protect his inheritance he needs to demonstrate to his parents that he can behave in a mature manner.  And he needs to find a wife.

Cassandra and Mr. Johnston (Ben) share a mutual interest in music.  Their time together playing duets blossoms into love.  Ben asks Cassandra to marry him.  Cassandra cannot because she is due to return to 2120 in just a few months.  So, they begin to have a secret affair.

Life gets more complicated with the arrival of James, Cassandra's son from the future.  When James gets in trouble with the law, Cassandra must find a way to help him return to the future.

Can Cassandra balance her son's safety, her love of Ben, and the proprieties of English society without revealing her time traveling secret?

This type of novel is not my usual reading fare.  Yet, I  enjoyed reading it.  There were more descriptions of dresses, decors, and dinners than I find in my usual reading choices, but the descriptions did not slow down the plot.

This novel is a unique blend of three genres: Historical Fiction, Romance and Science Fiction.  I think that fans of all three genres would enjoy reading this novel.  I did!

The Time Baroness

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