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Friday, May 24, 2013

Harry Turtledove

One of my Favorite authors is Harry Turtledove.  He is a prolific author who has written over one hundred novels.  His novels cover a wide range of genres from historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, and alternate history.  I have read over forty of his novels.

I especially enjoy Turtledove's alternate history novels.  In fact, Turtledove has been acclaimed as the Master of Alternate History.  In these novels, the author changes a critical point in history and explores how history would have evolved differently.

Turtledove's writing style is very readable.  He often slips clever word play into his narrative.  Instead of following a main character, Turtledove follows a cast of characters.  This allows him to tell the story from several different points of view.

Below are some of my favorite Turtledove novels:

The Two Georges (With Richard Dreyfuss) - A mystery story set in an America that did not experience a revolution.

The Guns of the South - Set during the American Civil War, how did the Confederate Army get AK-47s?

How Few Remain - What if the South won the Civil War? (first book of an eleven book series)

In the Balance - What if the aliens landed during WW II? (first book of an eight book series)

Days of Infamy - What if Japan had successfully invaded Hawaii after the Pearl Harbor bombing? (first book of a two book series)

Opening Atlantis - What if English explorers had discovered and colonized the continent of Atlantis? (first book of a four book series)

Hitler's War - What if Hitler had prematurely started WW II in 1938? (first book of a five book series)

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