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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Last Hybrid Bloodline of Angels by Lee Wilson

Genre: Young Adult Supernatural Fantasy

Setting: A small college town in Tennessee

First Sentence: Rachel's first step on the ice gave her the confidence to walk the rest of the way to the oak tree growing in the lake.

This novel is the premier installment in the author's Last Hybrid series.

On her first trip to college, our main character Hannah, spent too much time on booze and boyfriends.  For the last five years she has been working at the Waffle Shack.  After experiencing a severe car accident, Hannah makes a sudden decision to return to college.  This time, she plans to focus more on her studies.

When she checks into her dorm, she begins to make friends with her fellow students.  Among them is a strange guy named Daniel.  When they meet, they have an immediate intense attraction for one another.

Daniel has an unusual talent.  He can sense when people are in physical peril.  And, he has the uncanny knack for showing up in time to rescue them.

Daniel has a secret.  He is not like the rest of us.  He is just now learning about who he really is.  He is also learning that the more he knows, the more dangerous it is for his friends, especially Hannah.

Honestly, this genre of fiction is not my usual fare.  Following the trials and tribulations of young college students usually doesn't interest me.  That being said, I did enjoy reading this novel.  It is written in an easy to read style.  I found that the pages flew by.  The author stuck to the plot and didn't slow the story down with excessive description or unimportant subplots.

For young adult readers there is plenty of dating, phone calls, texting, and boyfriend/girlfriend, love/hate drama.  And, it's a relatively clean book with few bad words and almost no sex.

In my opinion, there are several downsides to this novel.  First, the author puts his characters in seemingly inescapable fixes, then has a character suddenly  remember a possible solution.  Many of the adult characters are portrayed as clueless, unhelpful, or evil masterminds.

I did read the book cover to cover.  And I did enjoy reading it.  If you are into supernatural fantasy, you might give this book a try.

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