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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Season of the Harvest by Michael R. Hicks

Genre: Science Fiction Thriller

Setting: Earth in the near future.

First Sentence: Sheldon Crane ran for his life.

This novel is the first in Hicks's Harvest Trilogy.

There are others among us.  Strange beings with an innate understanding of genetic modification.  They have been here for years.  And in that time they have gained control of the genetic modification industry. These others are shape shifters who have used their powers to assemble a group of powerful human collaborators.  Their goal is to gain control of Earth, and to change the planet's biome to suite their needs.  If they are not stopped, humans will become their food, and their spawn.

FBI agent Jack Dawson knows nothing of these others.  Then they change his life.  First, his best friend is slaughtered while infiltrating a genetics lab illegally.  Then, his former girlfriend, a scientist in the FBI's DNA lab, is killed when the lab is blown up.  To top it off, he receives a cryptic warning on his cell phone from a known eco-terrorist: "they r cmng 4 u, jack."

Soon Jack finds himself with the Earth Defense Society.  Instead of being eco-terrorists, the EDS  has been fighting the others whom they call harvesters.  They reveal the true nature of the harvesters to Jack.  And he joins the fight against the harvesters.

Can Jack and the EDS stop the harvesters before they can unleash their terrible genetic attack?

I really enjoyed this novel.  It is a fast paced scifi thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat.  As in the tradition of thrillers, the good guys are surrounded by enemies.  Just when you think it's safe, a new threat emerges.  Hicks does a great job of managing the suspense.  And there are some great battle scenes.

In my opinion, a very good read!
Season of the Harvest

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