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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hard Press'd by Linda Rae Blair

Genre: Detective Mystery

Setting: Virginia Beach, Virginia

First Sentence: "I don't know what to do," she cried.

This novel is the first in Blair's Preston Andrews mystery series.

Reading this novel reminded me of watching a one hour detective television show.  It has all the ingredients.  The main character Preston Andrews, Press to his friends, is rich and good looking.  He has the reputation of being the best detective in Virginia.  He carries the physical and emotional scars of a mysterious past.

Press's old partner has retired.  He is breaking in a new rookie partner.  Trace is young and smart, but he lacks experience.

There is the quirky medical examiner, Gladys.  She is short and black, with a headful of dreadlocks.  She knows her stuff, and all of the department gossip as well.

Press's supervisor, Lieutenant Wallace is an aging grizzled cop in a wrinkled suit.  He knows when the rules need to be bent.

The murder victim is the young niece of a prominent Virginia Beach family.  As Press and Trace investigate, they soon  discover that a young Navy ensign is somehow involved with her death.  It's not long before the FBI express an interest in the case.  Part of the FBI team is beautiful Agent Rachel Wilding.  With the entry of the FBI into the investigation, there is the expected inter-jurisdiction rivalry.  And with the appearance of Agent Wilding, she and Press enter into a torrid affair.

As the investigation continues, Press becomes increasingly frustrated by the FBI's refusal to share information with him.

Will Press, Trace, and Rachel uncover the truth behind the young woman's death?

Just like a one hour detective show, we have mystery, action, a love interest, fun characters and a tidy solution.  A fun, easy read.  I enjoyed it!

Hard Press'd

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