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Monday, October 8, 2012

Viking Warrior by Judson Roberts

Genre: Historical Fiction

Setting: Denmark in the time of the Vikings, 845 AD

First Sentence:  In one moment the Norms changed the pattern they were weaving in the fabric of my fate.

This is the first novel in Judson Roberts Strong Bow Saga.

Halfdan, the main character of this novel, was born a slave.  His mother was a kidnapped Irish princess.  His father was the chieftain of their settlement who never recognized Halfdan as his son.  When the chieftain returns from a raid mortally wounded, Halfdan's mother makes a terrible bargain which elevates Halfdan to the status of a free man.  He is accepted as an equal by the chieftain's son and daughter.

Halfdan then learns the ways of a Viking warrior.  Due to his upbringing as a slave, Halfdan knows the ways of the forest, and is an expert hunter.  Soon, he is adept with the use of a sword and spear.

When he and his brother go to visit the lands that Halfdan has inherited, Halfdan's fate changes.  By treachery Halfdan loses his birthright and gains a terrible enemy.  He vows to avenge the deaths of his brother and their kinsmen.

This novel is a good first novel of a series.  We learn about the main character, his quest, and his enemy.  I enjoyed reading about Halfdan and his experiences.  I think the author presented an accurate depiction of Viking life and customs.  I liked his use of some Viking vocabulary.  Fortunately, Roberts included a glossary of these terms.

Roberts writing style is easy to read, and the plot moves along.  Overall, I found it to be an entertaining story.  I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

Viking Warrior

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