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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dream War by Stephen Prosapio

Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Setting: Southern California, Italy, and a parallel dimension.

First Sentence: Given the mysteries of the human mind, it was perhaps inevitable that the CIA would one day invade our dreams.

In Prosapio's novel during the 1980's a secret CIA operation learned how to infiltrate people's dreams.  The dream operatives collected secret information.  They foiled hostage plots.  And they planted suggestions which encouraged terrorists to commit suicide.  It seems, however, that the process of entering people's dreams causes a portal to open into a parallel dimension.  Unfortunately the beings in the other dimension are not very friendly.  When the main character, Hector Lopez, refuses to work with them, they kill all of the members of the dream squad, except Lopez.

Fast forward to the present day.  Lopez now works to rescue people who have been abducted by the creatures of the parallel dimension.  It turns out that the leader of these creatures is the very embodiment of evil.  It has been recruiting evil minions, and consolidating its power for years.  Soon the time will come when it can cross over into our dimension and seize control.

Can Lopez and his companions, through their dreams, defeat the evil creatures and save Earth?

This novel was an interesting reading experience.   The first thirty percent of the novel was very heavy with exposition.  There was a distinct division in style and quality between the beginning and the second part of the book.  In  my opinion, the first part rewritten with more action and plot might have made a good first novel of a series.  The second part of the novel had lots of action and suspense.  It kept my interest and was very entertaining.  If you can get through the beginning, the rest of the book is pretty good.

Dream Wars

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