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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Iron Grey Sea: Destroyermen by Taylor Anderson

Genre: Alternate History

Setting: An alternate Earth during the World War II era.

First Sentence: The sky was corroded lead, cold and gray with splotches of white.

This novel is the sixth in Anderson's Destroyermen series.

The Destroyermen series is about an American naval destroyer, the U.S.S. Walker, and its crew.  During WWII the Walker enters a eerie storm and finds itself in a strange, alternate Earth.

There they discover the peaceful, intelligent Lemurians. The Lemurians are locked in a desperate war against the reptilian, carnivorous Grik.  The Destroyermen decide to aid the Lemurians.

With each succeeding novel, Anderson reveals more of this strange version of Earth.  Members of the Japanese navy have crossed over and joined with the Grik against the Americans and the Lemurians.  Across the ocean to the East, the Destroyermen discover a group of humans who are descended from English explorers of the 1700's.  Along with them is the evil Dominion.  These humans descended from Spanish sailors of the 1600's practice a bloody mixture of Catholic and Aztec beliefs.

In this chapter of the series, the war is not going well.   In the West, the Grik have become more crafty and intelligent.  The Destroyermen's technological edge is being matched by the Grik who are aided by their Japanese allies.

In the East, the battle against the Dominion continues.  Although the Dominion does not have advanced technology yet, they do have trained flying dinosaurs.  And they are not afraid to use terrorist style attacks.

The main character, Captain Matthew Reddy, finds himself between the two theaters of war.  When he receives the news that yet another Japanese warship has crossed over, he knows that it is up to him, and the Walker to meed the challenge.

This novel is full of action.  There are desperate land, sea, and even air battles.  There are some victories, and there are some defeats.  And, Anderson's Earth grows larger as we learn of possible new allies for the Destroyermen.

I totally enjoyed this novel.  It had a fast pace with lots of action.  And I enjoyed reading about my favorite character, Dennis Silva.  He always seems to be where he needs to be.  And he doesn't let things like orders and rules  get in the way.

I can't wait for the next installment of the series.

Iron Gray Sea

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