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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Final Battle In Her Name: Redemption, Book 3 by Michael R. Hicks

Genre: Science Fiction

Setting: In the far future, in space and on multiple planets.

First Sentence:  The world was strangely white, so unlike the darkness of Death, so unlike the place where the First Empress's spirit had waited all these generations for her awakening, and where only he among all mortals had ever been.

This novel is the third in Michael Hicks's In Her Name: Redemption series.  the action picks up immediately after the action in Book 2.  If you are interested in this novel, I stronly suggest that you read books 1 and 2 in order.

As this novel begins, the main character, Reza, is recovering from near fatal wounds sustained at the end of book 2.  He has been wrongly accused of murder, and has been accused of treason.  He has been taken to Earth to stand trial for his "crimes".

The Kreelan empire, as a whole, seems to have lost the will to fight.  The human leaders sense the possibility of finally defeating the Kreelans and ending the war.

While he is on Earth, Reza is framed for the murder of the Confederation president.  Reza also discovers that he has a son.  Reza's human friends help him to escape because they feel that he might be able to end the war with the Kreelans.

Unfortunately, Reza's old nemesis, Markus Thorella, has other plans for Reza and his friends.  Can Reza find his son, and help end the war?

I enjoyed this novel.  There is lots of action.  The plot moves along.  And like the other books in this series it is just plain fun to read.  And I enjoyed the evil bad guys!

Final Battle

The first book in the series - In Her Name: Empire

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