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Saturday, July 21, 2012

A World of Trouble by Jake Needham

Genre: Thriller

Setting: Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong - present day

First Sentence:  I have the right to remain silent and mostly I have exercised that right.

This novel is the third in Jake Needham's Jack Shepherd thriller series.

Jack Shepherd seems to attract trouble.  Everyone seems to think that he knows more than he really does.  This is because some of his friends are questionable.  He is a lawyer.  He can be a smart aleck. And he is too curious for his own good.

Due to the events of the previous two novels, Jack has only one client: Charlie.  Charlie is General Kitnarok, the deposed leader of Thailand.  Jack manages Charlie's financial assets.

In Dubai, there is an assassination attempt on Charlie.  When Jack returns to the scene of the attack, there is no evidence that the attack occurred.  Soon after, Jack meets an FBI agent who is investigating illegal arms sales.  It seems that one of Charlie's financial holdings is involved.  And, due to the work that Jack does for Charlie, Jack is a trustee of the company.

So once again, Jack is trying to make sense of a web of intrigue that involves the FBI, the CIA, and Thai Intelligence.

Will Jack make sense of it all?  And can he prevent a violent civil war in Thailand?

This novel is a fast paced page turner.  I enjoyed reading the descriptions of exotic locales that Needham uses as the backdrop for his story.  I like Jack Shepherd as a character.  He asks questions and gathers evidence, and tries to think his way through to the solution.

I can't wait to read another of Needham's great novels.

A World of Trouble

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