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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Killing Plato by Jake Needham

Genre: Thriller

Setting: Thailand, present day.

First Sentence: It started the way a spy story should start.
This novel is the second in Jake Needham's Jack Shepherd series.  Jack is a lawyer who specializes in global finance and business.  He teaches business at a Thai university.  Due to his past experiences, he has an interesting group of acquaintances: local police, intelligence operatives, Federal agents, shady businessmen, spies, and criminals.  Because of his background, lots of people assume that he knows more than he really knows.  Since Jack tends to play his cards close to the vest, few believe him when  he proclaims his innocence.

In this novel, Jack and his wife Anita are celebrating their honeymoon in an up scale Thai resort.  While Anita is powdering her nose, Jack is approached by Plato Karsarkis.  Plato is the most wanted man in the world.  It seems he has made millions selling embargoed Iraqi oil.  Plato invites Jack and his wife to dinner at his place.  Jack doesn't want to go, but Anita insists.  And so they go.  At the dinner, Plato asks Jack to do some legal work for him.  Jack refuses.

But now he has a problem.  Lots of people know that Jack has been seen with Plato.  Soon  Federal marshals and Thai security are asking him questions.  As the plot thickens, Jack discovers that highly placed individuals in several different governments may also be involved.

And all this running around with spooks, spies, criminals, and agents can't be good for a couple of newly weds. 

Will Jack keep his marriage together, and find a way out of this tangle without violating his high moral standards?

I really enjoy Jake Needham's writing style.  He has a smooth voice that makes his novels a real pleasure to read. Needham has a deft way with words.  His descriptions of people and places are a real joy to read.  I read this novel in two days, which is fast for me.

The next Jack Shepherd novel is already loaded on my Kindle.

Killing Plato

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